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Warehouse Log Fortaleza – CE

LOG Fortaleza

With easy access to Fortaleza Airport and the railway line South Trunk, LOG Fortaleza has a rentable area of 108,000m². The condominium is one of the largest logistic projects in the northeast and has Class A warehouses. With modules from 1,300m², LOG Fortaleza offers complete parking structure, support building, locker rooms, restaurant, surveillance with closed circuit TV, 24/7 secured gate, gardening and maintenance services.

  • 23 km from Fortaleza Airport

  • Modules from 1,300 square meters

  • High ceiling up to 12m

  • Internal and external parking for visitors

  • Cleaning service and resting room for drivers with kitchen and toilet

  • Cleaning, gardening and maintenance services in general

  • 30 km from the Port of Fortaleza Mucuripe

  • Rentable area of 108,000 square meters

  • Ground leveled with laser with capacity for up to 7t/sq.m

  • Maneuvering yard for light vehicles and trucks

  • Building such as restaurants, locker rooms and Secured gate

MÓDULOS A PARTIR DE1,300 square meters



Log Fortaleza - Av. Anel Viário, 4.902, Bairro Boa Esperança - Maracanaú, Fortaleza
23 km from Fortaleza Airport;
30 km from the Port of Fortaleza Mucuripe;
Modules from 1,300 square meters;
Rent your space:  +55 0800 400 0606
LOG is always ready to answer your queries and help you choose the best investment. Guarantee the best logistic structure for your company.
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